Posted Date Closing Date Type Description Status Download
4/11/20175/11/2017AlertRC-PWE-110-1617 Bagpipe Rd Spillway Addendum 1 ActiveDownload
4/20/20175/1/2017AlertRC-045-P-2017 Printing & Mailing Services Sign in ActiveDownload
4/24/20175/24/2017AlertRC-053-Q-2017 Facility Needs Assessment Addendum 1ActiveDownload
4/27/20175/12/2017AlertRC-057-B-2017 Bid Cancellation ActiveDownload
Qualified Contractor Listing
Posted Date Closing Date Type Description Status Download
4/12/20173/23/2018Qualified Contractor ListingsRC-036-Q-2017- Public Relations Agency ActiveDownload
Bid Tabulation
Posted Date Closing Date Type Description Status Download
4/13/20175/13/2017Bid TabulationRC-038-B-2017 Magistrate Parking Impr Bid Tab ActiveDownload
4/14/20175/14/2017Bid TabulationRC-PWE-109-2017 Hunters Run Ph 1 aAb Sheet ActiveDownload
4/17/20175/17/2017Bid TabulationRC-041-B-2017 Solid Waste Loading Dock Bid Tab ActiveDownload
4/19/20173/19/2018Bid TabulationRC-034-B-2017 Broad River WWTP Upgrade Tabulation ActiveDownload
4/19/20175/19/2017Bid TabulationRC-035-Q-2017 Design-Build Mag. Office Tab Sheet ActiveDownload
4/24/20175/8/2017Bid TabulationRC-039-B-2017- ARC Flash Analysis-Bid Tab ActiveDownload
4/25/20175/25/2017Bid TabulationRC-PWE-110-2017 Bagpipe Rd Bid Tab ActiveDownload
4/26/20175/10/2017Bid TabulationRC-047-Q-2017 On-Call Engineering Svc Tabulation ActiveDownload
4/28/20175/11/2017Bid TabulationRC-040-B-2017 Security System Amended Bid Tab. ActiveDownload
Notice of Intent to Award
Posted Date Closing Date Type Description Status Download
4/14/20175/5/2017Notice of Intent to AwardRC-033-BV-2017-Killian Fire Gen. Intent ActiveDownload
4/25/20175/25/2017Notice of Intent to AwardRC-041-B-2017 SW Loading Dock Intent to Award ActiveDownload
4/25/20175/25/2017Notice of Intent to AwardRC-PWE-108-1617 Dawson Pond Repair Notice of InentActiveDownload
4/25/20175/25/2017Notice of Intent to AwardRC-038-B-2017 Mag Parking Impr Notice of Intent ActiveDownload
4/27/20175/8/2017Notice of Intent to AwardRC-021-P-2017-Applicant Tracking System Intent ActiveDownload
4/28/20175/28/2017Notice of Intent to AwardRC-005-B-2017 Class 2 Waste Disp Notice of Intent ActiveDownload